It took me about a decade to be able to tell this story, so it’s exciting to share my essay up today in Entropy, “Not the Greatest Love Story Ever Told.”

After it had been accepted, I came across a passage by Dr. Peter Levine that resonated: “Anyone who has suffered trauma knows first, paralyzing fright, followed by the bereft feeling of losing your way in the world, of being severed from your very soul.”

feature - ghost bike 2

Much gratitude to editor Sylvia Chan and The Accomplices for giving this work a homeand to Gregory Giles for making the ghost bike shown in the picture.


If you’ll be in Portland this spring, I encourage you to check out half my writing group—novelists Nina LaCour and Laura Joyce Davis—reading at Annie Bloom’s Books on Thursday, March 28, at 7 p.m. They’ll also be on a panel discussing art and identity at AWP the following afternoon.

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