1.  verb, past participle of speed

2.  noun, abbreviation of special education, also SpEd

3.  noun, title of poetry collection by Teresa K. Miller



“Weaving these individual threads into a single plait, Miller’s form highlights her expansive entanglements, as well as her singular focused journey through mourning. … What a gripping debut Sidebrow Books in San Francisco has recently released.” —Katrina Roberts, Los Angeles Review of Books

“In sped’s last units, when many of the themes of the book begin to be drawn together, you learn that you have absorbed the fragments and made them whole inside you without fully knowing it.” —Dennis James Sweeney, Tarpaulin Sky

“Miller’s elderly woman on a bus, salutation to a love one, and Iraq War carnage described above all fit together so eerily well — so well that Miller’s implicit suggestion is that these consciousnesses and events not only can belong together, they can be and really are fused. More so than through simple webs of causality, Miller’s chosen events are so compacted they become interior to each other, already dependent in this new arrangement. … Miller’s Forever No Lo is a sleeper success — wide reaching and bold.” —Haines Eason, American Book Review




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