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Teresa K. Miller won the 2020 National Poetry Series with Borderline Fortune (Penguin, 2021), having previously placed as a finalist with two other manuscripts. A graduate of Barnard College and the Mills College MFA program, she is the author of sped (Sidebrow, 2013) and Forever No Lo (Tarpaulin Sky, 2008) as well as co-editor of Food First: Selected Writings from 40 Years of Movement Building (Food First Books, 2015). Her poems and essays have appeared in ZYZZYVA, AlterNet, Entropy, DIAGRAM, Common Dreams, Empty Mirror, and elsewhere. Originally from Seattle, she spent three years as a writer-in-residence at San Francisco’s Sanchez Grotto Annex and now tends a mini orchard near Portland, Oregon.


Full-length poetry collections:
Borderline Fortune (Penguin, forthcoming), selected by Carol Muske-Dukes as a winner of the 2020 National Poetry Series, covered in Library Journal, Common Dreams, and The Key Reporter; at the Montana Book Festival; and on Shelter in Place
sped (Sidebrow, 2013), reviewed in The Los Angeles Review of Books and covered in The West Seattle Herald and Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Food First: Selected Writings From 40 Years of Movement Building (anthology, Food First Books, October 2015) with Tanya Kerssen

Forever No Lo (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2008), reviewed in American Book Review 30(3)

• “Zombie Viruses and Parasite Eggs; or, Horror Emerges from the Thawing Arctic,” with Gregory Giles in Berfrois: The Book (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019), reviewed in The London Magazine
• “Fine Persuasion,” Conversations at the Wartime Café: A Decade of War, 2001–2011, edited by Sean Labrador y Manzano

ZYZZYVA #77, Word For/Word, Tarpaulin Sky, sparkle + blink, Sous Les Pavés, slouch, SHAMPOO, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Phenome, Pebble Lake Review, Parentheses, Moria, MiPOesias, kadar koli, Fourteen Hills, Flag + Void, E•ratio, Empty Mirror, DIAGRAM, Crux, Cricket Online Review, Crab Creek Review, Columbia Poetry Review #20, Coconutcan we have our ball back?, Bone & Ink, Berfrois8 Poems580 Split, 27 rue de fleures

Collaborative film essay series co-created with musician Gregory Giles:
The Light Moves and Changes Everything; or, the Quantum Mechanics of Memory in the Afterlife
Straightjacketed into Spectatorship; or, the Image of Seeing a Cave IRL
• “Come on, People Now, Apologize for Your Brother; or, Everyday Evasions to Accommodate Tortured Genius
• “The Millennium Falcon in My Stomach; or, A Plastic Token of Disease and Indifference
• “Anatomy of a Protest; or, We Are Communication-Managed Bodies in Thin Air, and Life Is Good
• “Improbably Sentimental Robots; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Babies and Embrace the Apocalypse
• “Elephants Wouldn’t Lie Awake Wondering; or, Cognitive Dissonance and the Carnivore
• “Here’s a Rainbow After My Act of Annihilation; or, Hydroelectric Romance and Terror
• “Our Cosmetically Imperfect Yields; or, Agnès Varda’s Loose Grip on Gleaning
• “Luc Moullet’s Double Fake-Out; or, Tracking Food Sovereignty in the 70s

Other nonfiction:
Embodying Climate Grief,” with Dr. Sarah Myhre, Common Dreams
NCAP Gives Thanks for Farmers,” Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Protecting My Pesticide-Free Garden,” Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Not the Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” Entropy
• “Big Ags Fight for Twitter Credibility,” FoodFirst.org, Common Dreams, and AlterNet — recommended by Civil Eats, Berkeley’s Ecology Center, Resilience.org, GM Watch, GMO Journal, and others
• “As UNFCCC Convenes in Peru, Free Trade and Extractivism Undermine Climate Justice,” FoodFirst.org
• “Farmworkers at Forefront of the Struggle for Food Sovereignty,” with Tiffani Patton, FoodFirst.org
• “Land as the Basis of Sovereignty: Palestinian Farmers Awarded Food Sovereignty Prize,” with Tanya M. Kerssen, FoodFirst.org
• “Climate Change and Food Sovereignty: The People’s Climate March,” with Eric Holt-Giménez, jointly published on FoodFirst.org and HuffPost Impact
• “Getting Unstuck,” Writerland



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