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Born and raised in Seattle, Teresa K. Miller lived in New York, Chicago, and Oakland before putting down roots in Clackamas County, Oregon. She holds a BA from Barnard College and an MFA from Mills College, and she spent three years as a writer-in-residence at San Francisco’s Sanchez Grotto Annex.

Full-length poetry collection: sped (Sidebrow, 2013), reviewed in The Los Angeles Review of Books and covered in The West Seattle Herald and Queen Mob’s Tea House

Co-editor: Food First: Selected Writings From 40 Years of Movement Building (anthology, Food First Books, October 2015) with Tanya Kerssen

Chapbook: Forever No Lo (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2008), reviewed in American Book Review 30(3)

• “Zombie Viruses and Parasite Eggs; or, Horror Emerges from the Thawing Arctic,” with Gregory Giles in Berfrois: The Book (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019)
• “Fine Persuasion,” Conversations at the Wartime Café: A Decade of War, 2001–2011, edited by Sean Labrador y Manzano

ZYZZYVA #77, Word For/Word, Tarpaulin Sky, sparkle + blink, Sous Les Pavés, slouch, Shampoo, Queen Mob’s Tea House, Phenome, Pebble Lake Review, Moria, MiPOesias, kadar koli, Fourteen Hills, Flag + Void, E*ratio, Empty Mirror, DIAGRAM, Crux, Cricket Online Review, Crab Creek Review, Columbia Poetry Review #20, Coconut, Bone & Ink, Berfrois, 580 Split, 27 rue de fleures

(Not) My Writing Desk,” Queen Mob’s Tea House
Straightjacketed into Spectatorship; or, the Image of Seeing a Cave IRL,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
Not the Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” Entropy
• “Come on, People Now, Apologize for Your Brother; or, Everyday Evasions to Accommodate Tortured Genius,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “The Millennium Falcon in My Stomach; or, A Plastic Token of Disease and Indifference,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Anatomy of a Protest; or, We Are Communication-Managed Bodies in Thin Air, and Life Is Good,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Improbably Sentimental Robots; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Babies and Embrace the Apocalypse,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Elephants Wouldn’t Lie Awake Wondering; or, Cognitive Dissonance and the Carnivore,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Here’s a Rainbow After My Act of Annihilation; or, Hydroelectric Romance and Terror,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Our Cosmetically Imperfect Yields; or, Agnès Varda’s Loose Grip on Gleaning,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Luc Moullet’s Double Fake-Out; or, Tracking Food Sovereignty in the 70s,” with Gregory Giles, Berfrois
• “Big Ags Fight for Twitter Credibility,” FoodFirst.org, Common Dreams, and AlterNet — recommended by Civil Eats, Berkeley’s Ecology Center, Resilience.org, GM Watch, GMO Journal, and others
• “As UNFCCC Convenes in Peru, Free Trade and Extractivism Undermine Climate Justice,” FoodFirst.org
• “Farmworkers at Forefront of the Struggle for Food Sovereignty,” with Tiffani Patton, FoodFirst.org
• “Land as the Basis of Sovereignty: Palestinian farmers awarded Food Sovereignty Prize,” with Tanya M. Kerssen, FoodFirst.org
• “Climate Change and Food Sovereignty: The People’s Climate March,” with Eric Holt-Giménez, jointly published on FoodFirst.org and HuffPost Impact
• “Getting Unstuck,” Writerland


Photo courtesy of Brooklyn poet & jewelry artist Paige Taggart

teresakmiller.net content copyright Teresa K. Miller 2012–2019

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