// the dust of a tuning fork




I flew home via El Salvador in the middle of the night after spending the last month working on an organic finca in Costa Rica. More on that another time. It was gratifying to learn that sped continued to have a life of its own, though I roamed the jungle plantation with a machete and left my laptop behind: Dennis James Sweeney published a review of the book in Tarpaulin Sky this week.

He writes in the review:

In sped’s last units, when many of the themes of the book begin to be drawn together, you learn that you have absorbed the fragments and made them whole inside you without fully knowing it. And that despite the world’s and words’ quickness—though they seem to have sped past—you have caught something, and it resonates, like you have swallowed the dust of a tuning fork.

He writes on his website:

A wonderful book, the kind that feels like it couldn’t have not been written.


Read the full review here.

Find Dennis James Sweeney here.







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