// 40 years fighting hunger


Since early 2015, I’ve been co-editing Food First’s 40th anniversary retrospective anthology, Food First: Selected Writings from 40 Years of Movement Building, with research coordinator Tanya Kerssen. Having spent several months selecting and organizing excerpts, we’re moving into the proofing and design phase. We now have a cover, which I’m excited to share:


My poetry of the past couple years has explored themes of agroecology and climate change, among others, and that writing stands on the shoulders of many of the authors and thinkers in this anthology—in ways I did and did not realize before editing the book.

So many of the “new” ideas circulating among food and environmental movements today were elucidated decades ago. In some respects, then, the work ahead of us requires amplifying simple truths rather than inventing solutions from scratch. I find hope in that potential.

Keep an eye out for the collection in early fall, and if you feel like donating toward production costs (& getting your name in the acknowledgments!), you can do so here.

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