// a season of good news

Portland, Oregon, offers the most dazzling spring of any I’ve experienced. It’s particularly welcome after the coldest February on record in the metro area this year, and it comes with good publishing news, too.

In my last post, I shared that the full-length poetry manuscript I’ve been working on the last few years, California Building, was a finalist for the 2017 National Poetry series, and an excerpt is forthcoming in the next print issue of Crab Creek Review. Since then, I’ve learned that several excerpts will also be published by Empty Mirror and Flag + Void.

Gregory Giles and I have a new essay in our ongoing conversational film series for Berfrois, this time on the paradoxes of plastic and water: “The Millennium Falcon in My Stomach.” And a standalone prose poem is forthcoming in Queen Mob’s Teahouse.

Nina TKM Carly Wordstock 2017

My fellow travelers have good news, too. For about a decade, I’ve been in a monthly writing group with novelists Nina LaCour, Carly Anne West, and Laura Joyce Davis. The American Library Association recently named Nina this year’s winner of its Printz Award, the YA equivalent of the Newbery. Carly has two books forthcoming from a new Scholastic imprint called AFK (for “Away From Keyboard”) and will be speaking at C2E2 in Chicago in April, as will R.L. Stine. And Laura, a Fulbright alum, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her short story “Pink Cathedrals,” published last year in Arroyo Literary Review.

We have been holed up working on these projects through the darkest days of winter—and in many cases, much longer than that. But then all at once, the buds start to break.


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  1. […] keeping with the season of good news, I’m excited to share two more recent publications: four excerpts from California Building up […]

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