// bye, 2019


May 2020 be the year we rid the White House of an aspiring fascist, collectively exceed our targets for mitigating and repairing environmental destruction, and treat each other with compassion. I spent 2019 writing on those themes, among others:

  • NCAP Gives Thanks for Farmers,” a blog for the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides on supporting a socially and environmentally sustainable food system
  • Two poems from my project in progress, Borderline Fortune, in Berfrois
  • “(Not) My Writing Desk,” a hybrid nonfiction piece in Queen Mob’s Teahouse on adolescence and the ripple effect of trauma
  • Straightjacketed into Spectatorship; or, the Image of Seeing a Cave IRL,” an essay with Gregory Giles in Berfrois regarding the toll of photo documentation and cave exploration
  • Protecting My Pesticide-Free Garden,” a blog for NCAP on residential spraying
  • “Zombie Viruses and Parasite Eggs; or, Horror Emerges from the Thawing Arctic,” an essay with Gregory Giles in Berfrois: The Book (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019) on the social implications of melting permafrost
  • “Not the Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” an essay in Entropy on grief, faith, and queer identity

Wishing you joy, health, and fulfillment in the twenties.





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