May 2020 be the year we rid the White House of an aspiring fascist, collectively exceed our targets for mitigating and repairing environmental destruction, and treat each other with compassion. I spent 2019 writing on those themes, among others:

  • NCAP Gives Thanks for Farmers,” a blog for the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides on supporting a socially and environmentally sustainable food system
  • Two poems from my project in progress, Borderline Fortune, in Berfrois
  • “(Not) My Writing Desk,” a hybrid nonfiction piece in Queen Mob’s Teahouse on adolescence and the ripple effect of trauma
  • Straightjacketed into Spectatorship; or, the Image of Seeing a Cave IRL,” an essay with Gregory Giles in Berfrois regarding the toll of photo documentation and cave exploration
  • Protecting My Pesticide-Free Garden,” a blog for NCAP on residential spraying
  • “Zombie Viruses and Parasite Eggs; or, Horror Emerges from the Thawing Arctic,” an essay with Gregory Giles in Berfrois: The Book (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019) on the social implications of melting permafrost
  • “Not the Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” an essay in Entropy on grief, faith, and queer identity

Wishing you joy, health, and fulfillment in the twenties.





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