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Today in Empty Mirror: Three poems from my project in progress, Borderline Fortune, with thanks to editor Denise Enck. Two others appeared in Berfrois in October.

Gregory Giles and I also have a new film essay in Berfrois—on ghosts, the afterlife, and the construction of meaning and memory: “The Light Moves and Changes Everything; or, the Quantum Mechanics of Memory in the Afterlife.”


13 - Moon


And ICYMI, our essay in Berfrois: The Book got a shout-out in The London Magazine:

It has become harder to discuss nature without discussing climate change, which is another recurrent feature of much of the work in Berfrois. Teresa K Miller and Gregory Giles’ essay ‘Zombie Viruses and Parasite Eggs’ discusses the climate change horror film ‘The Last Winter’ as an expiation of collective guilt. Our human habit of fearing the wilderness and imagining it exacting deliberate revenge on us is posited as inextricable from the self-obsession that has led us to pollute it. ‘When we deplore the destruction of nature, we’re only disingenuously lamenting our own destruction and the collateral damage of co-existing species’ – nature will continue with or without us in some radically altered form.






*Header: Empty Mirror | Screenshots: After Life (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 1998)

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