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The book world is pretty quiet between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, so this will be one of my final posts of 2021, but I’m excited to share that Borderline Fortune made Entropy magazine’s last “best of” list before it shutters for good (#26!). I have followed the magazine for years, published an essay there in 2019, and launched the book with founding editor Janice Lee, hosted by Elliott Bay Book Co. in October, so this recognition is close to my heart.

Entropy (@EntropyMag) / Twitter

I also had a fun conversation with poet Amanda Moore for Skylit, the podcast of Skylight Books, one of L.A.’s amazing independent bookstores. We talked about how books grow up and take on a life of their own, our work’s relationship to the natural world, the experience of writing about real people, and why random strangers feel entitled to tell us what motherhood means. (I also wrote an essay for LitHub on that last topic.)

And I had one of the most unexpected and fulfilling exchanges of the tour with Florida International University professor Whitney Bauman, who researches at the intersection of ecology, theology, and queer theory. Not being in academia, I didn’t realize there was such a robust field oriented around those three strands, but Borderline Fortune definitely intuited and grappled with their relationship. For the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab series Coffee & Conversations, in conjunction with the Miami Book Fair, Dr. Bauman and I talked about climate change, hope, and the spiritual practice of noticing, including telescoping among multiple forms of time, from the personal to the cosmic and the many species and landscapes between.

You can find a list of my recorded conversations and events from the tour here, including the official Miami Book Fair conversation with judge Carol Muske-Dukes and an intro by Daniel Halpern, founder of the National Poetry Series. Especially if you’re affiliated with Mills College, I recommend this conversation with Professor of English Elmaz Abinader, hosted by the Bay Area’s own Book Passage.

If you enjoyed the book, would you mind rating and reviewing it on Amazon and/or Goodreads? I’m encouraging everyone to support independent bookstores (and there should still be some signed copies available from these indie sellers), but a lot of readers find new titles via those other sites. It only takes a minute and a couple of sentences to help Borderline Fortune find its way into more hands. Thanks so much! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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