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Berfrois: The Book is officially out! If you’ll be in PDX for AWP this week, you can get your copy at the bookfair.

Berfrois The Book Queen Mobs Teh Book covers

Gregory Giles and I do our part to insert environmental commentary into everything with a conversational essay on horror films The Last Winter (2006) and The Thaw (2009), the documentary Chasing Ice (2012), Alaska lakes bubbling methane, my dad’s childhood house on the permafrost, and some of the many reasons why we can collectively do better than H.P. Lovecraft and Senator James Inhofe.

For the price of your typical doing-a-little-too-much Portland sandwich, the anthology is also available online, as is its companion volume, Queen Mob’s Teahouse: Teh Book.

We’re honored to be in such good company:

Berfrois the Book authors

We haven’t actually seen/held the final, final copy yet, so if you get yours before we do, let us know if it’s as cool in person as it was in the PDF galley.

And in case you missed the event notices, definitely check out my fellow travelers Nina LaCour and Laura Joyce Davis reading on Thursday and paneling on Friday.



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